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Building Brand Awareness

If someone asks you whether you want a Coke or Pepsi, you immediately know you’re being asked about a cola beverage, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to build the same kind of brand awareness for your business?  OK, we know you aren’t going to build a mega empire overnight, but with all the free opportunities on the internet today, it’s a little easier to plug away at it. You just need to build connections from your website to social media sites that show your organization’s uniqueness, advertising that draws customers and highways on the Internet to get people there…. to YOU.

Thanks to the advent of numerous specialty social networking sites, companies can quickly find where to reach their target markets. If your target market is moms, sites that contain content for moms would be ideal social networking sites to begin your brand awareness campaign. There are social media sites for every niche imaginable. Even if they only reach a small audience, the key is that they are highly concentrated and full of consumers who are already interested in what you have to offer.
Today’s Internet users want information, and they want it to be high-quality, useful information that benefits them as individuals. Instead of high-powered selling techniques, companies can boost brand awareness in social media by providing free high-quality content that serves the needs of their customers.
The content doesn’t have to be complicated, even daily tips that are related to your company or your products are sufficient. If you want to build trust in your brand, becoming a trusted resource for information is one of the best ways to accomplish this.
Social media allows companies the ability to communicate directly with their customers on a whole new level. Sites like Twitter allow users to send comments publicly right to a company’s Twitter feed. The same is true of company Facebook groups and pages, allowing customers to discuss your products. While this may not always be positive, it gives your company the ability to talk right to a consumer, and have the watching audience see how you handle your customer relations. If you make problems right and genuinely interact with your customers on these sites, you will build consumer trust in your brand.
It is all too easy to look at social media and see nothing but potential dollar signs. This is a disaster waiting to happen. While social media can be used to sell products, hard selling is a mine field that is best avoided. Let your sales occur organically as a result of your interaction and relationship building with your audience. Avoid falling into the trap of constantly mentioning sales and events. If you have something important going on, mention it, but don’t make it the focus of your company’s social media communications.

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