We care about your success.

Marketplace Media and Events offers website and graphic design, web hosting, social media management and outstanding marketing opportunities for businesses when they participate in our signature events. We also work with business clients to create and implement their own successful and innovative events as well as brides to assist with day of wedding coordination.

When we work with you, we form a partnership with a vested interest in your business. For over two decades, our founder worked in radio, television and newspaper industries with some of the largest groups in the country. As she dealt with many agencies on a daily business, she saw that they didn’t always do what was best for their clients. So we’re lucky (and so are you) to have learned from other people’s mistakes.

We’re also a “mother/daughter” team and we work well together because we’ve been a team for many years. We promise that we know how to get your advertising to reach a more targeted market. We don’t practice a shotgun marketing approach that so many businesses practice. We provide you with a tailored marketing strategy aimed at achieving you business goals, supported by our talented staff and interns.

“85% of all brand purchases are made by women. Incredibly, 97% of advertising agency creative directors are men. At Marketplace Media and Events, we are 100% women owned and operated, which means we know what makes women buy. If you want to influence the purchases of women, you want Marketplace Media and Events to manage your brand.”

Community is important to us.

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you. We also produce Pet Fest, the Missoula Women’s Fair and the Missoula Health and Wellness Fair. Community and giving back are important to us a company. We incorporate a charitable component into all of our events because we think it’s vital to have a positive impact in our community.

Our events bring people together for a mutually beneficial purpose. As a company, it’s our mission to provide supportive opportunities for small businesses, especially small businesses, entrepreneurial endeavors, and companies large and small. We want to provide an entertaining value to attendees and make a positive impact in the community. We spend much time considering the different perspectives of the attendees, the vendors and sponsors. With this in mind, we create a community within our events.

“I have been to several of the events put on by Marketplace Media and Events. They are very well organized and the events are fun and entertaining for all ages. – Rylee Khayar”

Attendees experience events designed to be interactive, entertaining and fun. Women are able to discover new products, information and ideas. Visitors can try something new and enjoy new and established services. Our goal is to provide value and entertainment for all.

Exhibitors at our events benefit by being able to connect with consumers on a personal level. This creates an opportunity not only for sales, but to build relationships and loyalty. This interaction is perfect for launching new products, sampling and getting your product into the hands of potential consumers. Introducing products, services and information at expos provides invaluable market insight and feedback.

Sponsors maximize the personal marketing aspect of our events with their higher profile role. In addition to the personal marketing opportunities of having a booth at the event, attendees regard a sponsor as a “host” for a memorable experience. These in-depth and interpersonal marketing occasions are exceptional. The value added opportunities a sponsor enjoys create a lasting impression and strengthens their long-term relationship with the audience.

If you’re experiencing challenges with your social media management, event marketing, graphic design or website design and hosting, contact us to see if Marketplace Media and Events has a solution for your business!

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