Workshops and Tutorials

We offer marketing workshops designed to help you create and implement a successful marketing plan. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to share some of the accumulated knowledge we’ve gained through years of education and real-world experience. Click HERE for dates, details and registration options.

Can’t make it to our workshops? Check out these free interactive marketing tutorial from VISA that provide you with the know-how to market your business. You’ll discover in-depth solutions by clicking on the name of the tutorial. A new window will open on the VISA website.

Marketing Tutorials

* Personalization Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers
* Identifying Your Sales Strategy
* Building Your Brand
* Promoting Your Business
* Advertising Your Business

Financial Tutorials

* Preparing a Balance Sheet
* Managing Your Cash Flow
* A Profitable Company
* Profit and Loss Statement
* Your Financial Ratios
* Assessing Your Financial Needs
* Partners and Investors
* Valuing a Business